Hi there darlings,

My name is grace. I am the founder of darling grace company.

darling grace company has the sole purpose of reminding women that they are created to thrive. As I work to remind women of this truth, I have chosen to stamp words of encouragement on necklaces to remind every woman of the specific truth she needs to remember in her current season. Paired with the meaningful handmade jewelry, I have intentionally chosen to be an ambassador for DARLING clothing because of the heartbeat behind the brand - the DARLING clothing mission states "every woman is a work of art" and I stand in agreement with the DARLING mission because I truly believe eery woman has been created on purpose for purpose. Every woman is truly a work of art.

The reason why I started darling grace is because I have learned that what I fill my mind with affects the way I live my life. Darling grace is made up of a community of women around the world that choose to speak life over each other and remind each other to be the woman she is created to be. Together, let's work toward speaking truth and life over ourselves and each other so that we can freely and confidently walk out our journeys.

I believe that life can be difficult, but life does not have to be lived alone. Join the darling grace community as we journey together in fighting for truth and discover beauty.