We have designed your necklace with quality materials so that you can wear your word of encouragement everyday.

Here are some tips to keep your dg necklace looking good as new.

Daily Use 
We recommend:

  • Removing your necklace when you work out
  • Removing your necklace when you swim or shower
  • Using a sterling silver cleaner or gold cleaner to polish jewelry. 

Keep in mind that chemical products can alter your jewelry. Please avoid chemical products such as cleaning agents with bleach, perfume, sunscreen, lotions, etc.

If your jewelry has been in contact with water, no worries. Just make sure to D R Y it well afterward and store it in a dry place (avoid humidity). The dg pouch that is a great place to store your piece. 

Our jewelry is made with love and high quality metals that are meant to stand the test of time. 

One Year Warranty

In the rare case of something happening to your piece that is not due to normal living, please don't hesitate to contact us about your issue. Your necklace is covered by our warranty up to 1 year from the date it was purchased. We ask that you please keep your receipt when you purchase your necklace in case you need to utilize the warranty.