Beauty begins when striving ends


As I remember that God is enough for me, I find myself complete and fully alive in Him. 


The Lord is enough, so let's stop the striving


This past week the Lord impressed on my heart to stop carrying the burden of striving, striving to meet the world's expectations. He has reminded me many times before and continues to remind me of this specific truth, the truth that He is enough. The world is always preaching to us that we have to strive to feel good enough, beautiful enough, strong enough (fill in the blank), but; God says that we are made whole in Him (Psalm 73:26). I have found that when our souls simply remember that God is the only one who can fulfill us, we find great freedom. His abundance allows us to lay down our burdens and walk in his freedom that He has won for us.


I am enough

It so happened that I brought a dg necklace with the word enough stamped on it - I was planning on giving it away to someone who, I felt, needed the encouragement. The Lord knew I was going to encounter a battle within myself, around this very idea of not feeling enough. 


My Lord Jesus is so merciful and abundant in grace that He allowed me to bring this necklace so that I could be the very person He encouraged with it. This simple moment of realization I had of how God sees me right where I am, is a testimony of how the Lord knows you and I more than we even know ourselves. God strategizes and orchestrates moments to prove his great love to us. Just as the Lord has encouraged my heart with the necklace, the Lord wants to encourage your heart where it feels burdened. What word do you need to be reminded of as you face current challenges in your life?  


Let's Pause...


May we take this moment to pause together in our different journeys and acknowledge that God is calling us to drink from His never-ending well of grace and redemption. As we experience God's work, our souls experience wholeness where there is lack. As we let God be enough for us, Christ's redemption allows us to separate ourselves from the burdens of this world and step into a free life in Jesus - free from the burdens of this world. God's grace silences the very voices in our head that say, "we are not enough". Let's sit at God's feet together and allow our souls to experience God's beautiful redemption within ourselves. 



May we be a people walking in God's power instead of the entangling work of this world.


I hope this blog is an encouragement and a blessing to your heart and soul. If this post does not apply directly to you, I pray that the Lord would pinpoint a word in your mind that encourages you, just like the word "enough" has encouraged mine.


With love and joy,