darling grace goes to Austria

Arriving in Vienna

My husband and I arrived to the Vienna airport with what we thought was two big suitcases (we had the suitcases that barely close because they are so full) as well as two Home Depot boxes. Come to find out our luggage was not available to be picked up after we got off our flight in Vienna due to it still being at the LAX airport. Once we reported our luggage as lost, we rolled our carry-ons out of the Vienna airport and into a year long adventure of living abroad.

The Beginning of Life in Vienna

Our Vienna apartment wasn’t ready for another week and a half, so we were going to be staying in a back house in the country side of Vienna with a dear older couple who so graciously welcomed us to their home. Even though both my husband and I were exhausted and ready to be in our new home, we were excited and thankful to stay with some locals in the beautiful country side.

An Unexpected Journey

When Jacob (my husband) and I arrived at the couple’s home, we were welcomed in by Peter who told us to make his back house our home. Two days went by and Jacob found out that he had Covid which meant that he was required to quarantine for 5 days. With Jacob working over full-time hours while being in quarantine, I had to get comfortable operating as a local, grocery shopping, using public transportation and finding my way around Vienna. I simply had to jump right in order to help us get our life in this beautiful new place started.

(Reading a book as I wait for the bus to take me to the market.)

Barriers Turns to Beauty

Through all of the transition and getting Covid, Peter and his wife were so warm and welcoming. Though the language barrier was tough, and still remains tough, it has been an ongoing journey to learn how to get to know people who have blessed us with their presence as we navigate living in a new country.

dg in Action

I was thrilled to give the woman, whose house we stayed at, two dg necklaces, a “loved” necklace and a dg mini cross necklace that I brought in my carry-on suitcase. The words that will stick with me when I gave the necklaces away were what came out of her mouth when she received the jewelry. Her words capture the heart of dg. After opening the package she said,  with her beautiful Austrian accent,… “ it says l.o.v.e… loooooooved… oh like beloved!”.

“Yes”, I said, "like beloved".

handmade "loved" necklace


A week and a half later we received our luggage and arrived back home at our flat—yay!


Vienna Apartment
(Looking out the window from our new home.)