A "Darling" gathering in Europe with more to come

Hosted by Maritza — a dear friend who I met while living in Austria. 

At the beginning of June, Maritza asked if I would partner with her in her vision to see women encouraged at a ladies gathering in her home. Maritza specifically asked if I would join her in hosting this event with the purpose of encouraging women in their current season before they all take steps of faith to carry out their lives as beacons of hope in their studies, and/or career. 

I didn't have to think much about my answer because this is the very heart of dg — to encourage women to see their value right where they are at. After excitedly saying "Yes", I began to think about all the dg necklaces I had brought to Austria and which ones would be perfect for the women who would be attending the event.

Two friends from different countries with one vision

Maritza joined me for coffee at my flat, and we discussed our personal dreams and questions about how to live our lives to the fullest, follow God and operate in a foreign country — Maritza also does not have citizenship in Austria.
Before we continued our planning for the women’s gathering coming up, we had to sit and enjoy life... and of course enjoy our homemade Viennese cappuccinos. 
After chatting while sitting in my favorite spot in my flat (my patio overlooking our neighbors beautiful Austrian garden), we walked inside to start prepping for the event. As I pulled out the dg necklaces, Maritza began to tell me about each young woman who would receive a necklace, and as she told me about them, I started to pick out necklaces for each one based on everyone's season. After all the dg necklaces were picked out, we prayed together that the Lord would use these necklaces to encourage each woman. 
After all the necklaces were safe with Maritza, I sent her off and she made her way to the train that took her back to her home on the other side of Vienna. 

(As I walked inside the door of my flat, there sitting on my counter was a beautiful lavender plant that Maritza left for me — a dg favorite.)

Although I could not be at the lovely women’s event due to past commitments with my dear family visiting, I was graced with the invitation to be part of this gathering virtually through shared pictures and encouragements that were past on after the event. As I read the words that were shared between the women in the group message, I was amazed again at how the Lord used a material good - a dg necklace - to encourage his daughters who gathered over yummy charcuterie and close community.

I Look forward to coming back to Vienna for more women’s gatherings in the near future, and to all my European friends, I am thrilled to share that the DARLING clothing line now is available for international orders.

 With love and joy, Grace


If you are interested in hosting your own darling grace gathering, please click here