Stepping out into the unknown

Before we get into this post, I want to acknowledge those who have been there for me, as I have moved abroad.

I want to recognize my husband, close friends, and family. They have been the ones who have been such an encouragement to my heart and soul during a challenging time of transition.

As we hopped on a plane for business meetings in London, I prayed that the Lord would quicken my hands if He wanted to encourage someone with the dg necklace I brought along.  

I couldn't miss out on a trip to London with my husband for his work, so I chose to tag along for the ride. As I was quickly packing for the trip, I grabbed a dg necklace with the word "strong" on it. I didn't know if I would encounter someone who needed this piece of encouragement, but I brought the necklace just in case. As we started our trip to London, I thought about the person who needed the encouragement. Maybe this woman needed the necklace to remind herself that she is doing the best she can at life. 



I can't let what is considered "normal" stop my heart from reaching out and possibly encouraging someone who needs the encouragement. 

Jacob and I arrived at our tiny, adorable flat. The flat had a balcony that peered over a residential area in Kensington. Looking out from the balcony, I noticed School girls and boys walking home with their mums.


(Photo taken on our balcony)

There was a new excitement swirling around me due to being in a new place. Something caught my attention as the days of our trip went by. Each morning I woke up, I heard voices outside our door. Every time I walked out of our room, I noticed cleaning supplies and fresh linens on the floor right by our door. After an encounter with some dear women outside our door, I realized that the voices I heard were ladies cleaning the other flats. As days went on, I encountered these three ladies often. One young woman was highlighted on my heart as I saw her every day. I don't know why she was specifically placed on my heart, but she just was each time I saw her. The second day of being in London, I felt this deep stirring to give the necklace I had brought along to this young woman. I wasn't sure why I felt this stirring, but I knew I needed to step out and follow the prompting inside me.

I confronted the idea that I can't let what is considered "normal" stop my heart from reaching out and possibly encouraging someone who needed the encouragement. 

We may not see the impact of our decisions, but as we follow the call placed on our hearts, we encounter God’s great handiwork molding our journey.

We aren't looked down upon if we don't follow the promptings in our heart for God’s grace is far greater than what we do or don’t do, but we won't get to experience the joy of witnessing God's handiwork if we just let the call in our hearts pass by. Someone may just need a simple encouragement; we just never know how our actions can encourage someone. I will be the first to say that I have ignored many promptings in my heart to do something for someone because I simply ignored them. By God's grace I can write this blog post to empower us to step out and lift others up. It is a far greater joy to experience God’s eternal handiwork than to see our own efforts put on display.

The King of Heaven and earth intentionally orchestrates a beautiful piece of art that we get to be part of. 

I don't want this story to be about me but about the beauty that is experienced as we walk out what God places on our hearts.

What a beautiful thing it is to be part of God's kingdom where the King of Heaven and earth intentionally orchestrates his children to be in certain places and in specific moments to encourage one-another and lift each other up. Only God knows the deepest thoughts of each human, and He can orchestrate His people to be in specific places to encourage someone or remind he/she that they are not alone. It is with this picture in mind that I spur you along to jump into the mysterious and joyous adventure with Jesus alongside me.


 (Photo taken downtown London) 

We may never see the impact of our choices, but as we step out, we learn that everyone is on a journey, and we can choose to join hands. This life is not meant to be lived alone, so let's bless others while we walk through life.


With love and great joy,