May 1st darling grace is launching a clothing line with Darling Magazine

Darling Magazine is a media company that changes people’s mindset on beauty and self-confidence. The magazine was the first to not use photoshop to alter women’s appearance in the images used. 


(Darling Magazine Mission Statement) 

This media company has the heart to spread their mission through community dinners and meaningful conversations and now are spreading the mission through their new clothing line. I am honored to join them on this pursuit of reminding women that they are so much more than matching expectations from society or looking like an image from a magazine. 

Why is darling grace partnering with Darling Magazine?

On my way to checkout with my groceries in hand, I glance over and see all the beauty magazines with models who appear to be perfect. I ask myself, is this how society expects healthy women to look? Are they healthy? And should I aim to look like these women?

 On my walk home, I thought to myself, there must be more to beauty than this. Than every woman striving to look like the top model; the one that ad agencies showcase to sell their products. Beauty is so much deeper than this.  

darling grace partners with darling magazine
Today we see a lot of unreal and unattainable beauty shown on magazine covers and through other forms of media that we passively let shape our way of thinking and tell us that we don’t measure up. I am partnering with Darling Magazine to speak out that this is not how women were meant to live. I am cheering women on to be the truest versions of themself with confidence, with grace and with some gorgeous handcrafted clothing. I want to share three of the main things, in addition to their mission statement that speak to why I want to represent this clothing brand in the darling grace shop. 

1. All Darling Clothing Sales Representatives empower women to buy what they love and what feels beautiful on their own personal bodies not on the general girl or woman.

Darling knows that every woman has a personal taste and style, so their clothing exists to empower the style of every woman instead of change it. It is important to Darling Society and to me that each woman who walks away from darling whether they purchase something or not, leaves more encouraged and empowered to be the woman they have been created to be.

2. The clothing line is one-of-a-kind and holds intentional detail in each clothing piece to help women not feel overwhelmed by the complexities that fashion can often pose.

The desire of this brand is to leave women feeling cared about due to the intentionality of each garment design. I have been through the training within Darling Society for ambassadors, and have learned how thoughtful and careful the designer crafted these unique pieces that complement every woman’s personal taste rather than be confused with a general style. Due to the limited number of pieces in the darling capsule wardrobe, shopping with Darling Society is not overwhelming for women. Every sales representative from the team desires every woman’s experience with the clothing to be relaxed and enjoyable. You deserve to enjoy the process of adorning yourself with beautiful yet comfortable items that represent the truest you.  

3. Together darling grace and Darling Magazine believe that every woman is a work of art, and the clothing helps remind the wearer of this important message.

It is so easy for women to forget that they are beautifully created especially when the average magazine and piece of media says that all woman must cook and look the same to be considered beautiful. Something that darling has put on each piece is a lovely tag that says their mission statement. Every time a woman goes to put on her piece of clothing from darling Society, she will be reminded that she is not alone on this journey of beauty alongside of personal health. 

Darling Magazine puts so much intention into sharing their mission through the magazine and now through their clothing line, and I couldn't be more excited to invite you into this journey of seeking genuine community, beauty and well-being. 
Shop the NEW clothing line here.
To book a complimentary styling appointment with grace click here. I look forward to helping you find a piece of clothing that fits your style and your wardrobe. 
With love and joy,

P.S. I am excited to share that the clothing is making it all the way to Austria for a photoshoot at the end of this month. I look forward to sharing the Europe photoshoot with you all soon.