European inspired fashion featuring the new clothing line

Exploring various cities within different countries like Paris, London, Budapest, Rome and Salzburg has given me more of an understanding on how culture and fashion can beautifully co-exist. While living and traveling in Europe, I have learned that every culture expresses style in different ways giving me a new admiration for how the two fit together.

My experience abroad has given me a more whole approach to fashion which has now influenced my work as an ambassador for the new clothing line that was just released May 1st, 2023. Fashion can be a fun expression if you choose to let it.

Let's look at how the new clothing line connects to the different European fashion trends that are arising. 

(Rooftop Midi Dress)

In Paris, I would describe fashion in three words chic, pretty, and hip. The lead designer of the darling wardrobe, Sarah Dubbeldam, had the vision for the Bold Stripe Tee because she wanted that “French look,” as she mentions. So, if you have been searching for a comfortable but hip outfit influenced by the French style, I recommend the Bold Stripe Tee paired with the Escape Structured Short or the Gaze Midi Skirt. London is a fast-paced business city where women quickly pace back to their offices with a coffee in hand wearing a blazer and slacks. If you are working in an office and trying to find an outfit to wear to work, the Coast Blazer with the Stride Wide Pant would be your look. And, if you are like me, you generally think of Salzburg as a place where the Sound of Music took place. So, of course, when I visited this adorable city the songs from the Sound of Music constantly ran through my mind. There are such beautiful spaces in Salzburg with lots of gardens and flowers. I would find myself walking through the city and feel like I was in a secret garden. If you are in the mood for a garden party or a beautiful picnic, I recommend the Garden Party Dress that would fit right into the Sound of Music. The nice thing about this dress is it is very versatile. You can dress it up or down by adding the shoes to fit your occasion. You could wear a comfortable pair of white sneakers with the dress, or it can be paired it with heels to dress it up

(Garden Party Dress)

Sorrento was a breathtaking coastal town along the Amalfi Coast. My husband and I rate this place as one of our favorite locations we have traveled to in Europe. Looking at the Darling wardrobe pieces, I would have picked out the Lovely Short Sleeve Top paired with the Gaze Midi Skirt for one day and the Journey Easy Pants with the same top for the next day to fit the coastal vibes. These outfits can be worn with white sneakers or comfortable sandals, keeping the comfort when you are on your feet all day. What I love about these two outfits is I wouldn’t be under or overdressed for dinner when my husband and I ended up at a cute little Italian restaurant while vacationing in Italy.

(Lovely Short Sleeve Top Paired With The Gaze Midi Skirt)

Thinking back to Rome, it was quite a warm and casual city, so I would have worn the Carefree Tank with the Escape Structured Shorts while touring there. While walking through the city, I stopped at a cute little local shop and bought a couple of head scarves from the sweetest lady who also showed me how to style them. I would pair the shorts and tank with one of your favorite statement pieces that gives a little color to the simple and delicate outfit. For example, I would have used one of my new head scarves to tie my hair to keep me cool and add a pop of color.

When I was living in California, I was a jumpsuit gal because jumpsuits are easy, comfortable, and fashionable. I already know that I am going to wear the Skip Jumpsuit all the time when I move back to California. This jumpsuit is great for that Sunny and Seventy-Five-degree weather we get on the coast of California because you can wear it all year round. In the winter, you can throw the Lawn Sweatshirt or Fun-Loving Button Up over the jumpsuit to warm it up and keep things comfortable.

(Skip Jumpsuit)

Darling, you are a work of art
If you are struggling to find the style that you feel comfortable in, let your personality pick out your outfits. If you do not feel comfortable wearing something, I recommend not making yourself wear it because there is something in the fashion world for you that fits you. Let your personal culture define your style and run with it. If there are days when you are not feeling beautiful or stylish, I want to remind you that beauty is so much more than appearance. Beauty flows from the inside out. Darling, you are a work of art.

This is one of my personal favorite dresses for Vienna. It is comfortable to wear at home and if I decide to go to dinner with my hubby and/or friends in the evening, I feel comfortable wearing this dress out. 

Remember, that you are amazing just the way you are!

With love and joy,